Thursday, November 18, 2010

Full Cups

I have a strong determination (and will/intention)

to create the life I want to live.

One where my cup is so full

that I am pouring for others.

I have been guilty of not stopping once these little cups are full

because of this innate desire to pour forth and give,

my eye is on every little sparrow

so at times i find myself feeling depleted

because I am not spending enough time

close to the fountain or to Source to be refilled

and so when realizing it

I must retreat from the world a bit,

breathe space into my day,

find ways in the flow of my life's energy

to simply allow myself to be in the presence of the fountain, the Source

with enough peace, clarity and serenity to hear the still small voice,

to listen to the bubbling stream

as it fills my inner vessel

before moving back into the world, into town,

into the marketplace,

into the crowded tavern

even to walk with my beloved and truly be there,

present enough in the moment to actually share life, love, joy . . .

and the sharing of our fullness,

sipping from each others full cups.

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